School Camp Overview


We are a camp with a difference! At Lakewood Lodge we promise you a stress free camp. We provide everything for you – the food, the instructors, the activities, even the transport. We do everything for you except put the students to bed!!!!

We provide:

  • Transport

  • Food (except bring a packed lunch Day 1)

  • Instructors

  • Activities – horse trekking, kayaking, 11 metre climbing wall, low ropes course, river challenge, waterslide, tubing, volleyball, pool & tabletennis competitions, archery, Iron Girl/Steel Boy competition, team Tug 'o War, frisbee golf, the Lakewood challenge! feeding the pet animals, environmental talks, and mud pit (in season).  

  • Survival Adventure: camp out for 24 hours, build fires, cook meals, go orienteering, make totem poles, and go eeling,

  • PLUS the evening activities – Burma trail, spotlight, Singstar, disco, concert and a firepit with toasted marshmallows.

All safety measures are in place. Teachers can leave their students in our capable hands and relax on our sunny terrace .

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